De-Winterize Your Sprinkler System with this Easy How-To

Getting your sprinkler system ready for the season is important if you live in a region where extreme weather changes lead to varied ground conditions. In New England for example, a long and extra harsh winter has meant lots of snow and freezing temps over the last few months. Those conditions require that homeowners winterize their sprinkler systems by removing water from the lines and turning them off.

Now however, with spring here and warm weather finally making its entrance, it’s time to get those sprinkler systems turned back on and ready to supply water to your grasses.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to properly de-winterize your sprinkler system.

Turn the Water On

The first, and most obvious step to get your sprinkler system going for the season is to turn the water on. Locate the main shut off valve near the control box and ensure it is on the ON position.

WARNING: This needs to happen slowly to give time for the pressure to slowly make its way through the system. Failure to do so can cause water to come gushing with so much force it can even pop sprinkler heads off.

Check the Lines

After you have turned the system back on, allow it fill into the hoses and then go around the yard checking for any water accumulation or bubbling up. This is indication a break may be present and will need to be dug up and repaired. You may also find spray heads are clogged and need to be cleaned with a nylon brush to remove debris.

Set Timer & Keep an Eye

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a sprinkler system is that it takes the work out of keeping your lawn and garden properly watered. Adding a timer to the sprinkler system increases the efficiency further because once you know the optimal times for watering, you can essentially “set it and forget it.” At the start of the season, test this out by keeping an eye out to ensure the system is functioning properly and that timing doesn’t need to be adjusted.

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