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3 Reasons to Add a Timer to Your Sprinkler System

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As a homeowner, you’re probably already aware of the long list of to-do items that comes along with the joy of owning property. Seasonal repairs, landscaping and keeping your home neat and clean are just part of the experience. If you’ve ever struggled with your lawn, then you also know how important it is to water it at just the right frequencies to promote full, healthy growth. But finding the time and patience for that isn’t as easy as it seems with tight schedules and unpredictable weather.

Sprinkler systems are a great option for homeowners because they take the manual and arduous part out of watering your lawn. Add a timer to those systems and you can even save money and more. What homeowner isn’t looking to cut costs when possible?

Here are 3 key reasons to add a timer to your sprinkler system.

Stop Overwatering

If there’s one thing that’ll kill your lawn faster than totally neglecting it, it’s overwatering. When you water your lawn too much you can cause rot. This is because the extra water has nowhere else to go and will start to drown the roots. Since plants (including grass) need oxygen to survive as much as they need water, they can start to become diseased and die when over watered. Knowing when and how much to water your lawn will be unique to each home, soil and weather type but it’s an important piece of information to consider. Once you know the optimal watering times and amounts, you can set your sprinkler system timer accordingly.

Cut Water Waste

Overwatering your lawn doesn’t just kill grass, it can also kill your pockets. Paying your water bill can get out of control in the summer months if you’ve left manual sprinklers on all day. Instead of watering your lawn blindly, a timer can be set to water at different intervals throughout the day and some systems also have the option of controlling the water pressure which can cut down on unnecessary usage.

Go On With Your Life

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits when it comes to setting a timer for your sprinkler system is that it frees you up to worry about one less thing around the house. Once you’ve established proper time and amounts to water and set the timer, you’ll only need to adjust those settings as seasons change or if unexpected weather patterns happen. No more remembering to turn the system on and off or risk overwatering or wasting money. Smart timers that are connected wirelessly can be accessed from a mobile device. Traveling for work? On vacation and away from home? Simply manage your sprinkler systems timer remotely.

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