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Common Reasons Why Residential Sprinkler Systems Fail

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Sprinkler systems are one of those must-have items if you’re a homeowner and take pride in the appearance of your front yard. Having a sprinkler system not only means less time wasted standing there with the hose watering the grass, but it can also ease the guessing when you’ve watered enough.

Even though sprinkler systems have been around for many years, there are issues that can arise and prevent the system from functioning properly. Don’t let failing sprinkler systems ruin your lawn this year. Here are some of the common reasons why your sprinkler system may be failing and how to fix them.

Broken Head

Broken sprinkler heads are an easy fix and could be the reason behind a sprinkler system failing to work properly. Go around your yard and examine the heads and look for cracks or even a completely missing sprinkler head (yep, that was the loud clank noise you heard when mowing the lawn).


Even if all of your sprinkler heads are intact they may still be failing if they are dirty or clogged. It’s very easy for dirt to get inside the system and prevent water from escaping out of the sprinkler holes. Simply taking the heads apart and rinsing away debris can help in clearing the passageway.

Poor Connection

Another issue that can happen with your sprinkler system is a poor connection. This can be at the source, or it can be a larger water pressure issue. Without enough pressure in the water system, it can be impossible to shoot out water with enough force to water the lawn. First check that all sprinkler valves are fully open for the system to allow water to come out at full force before checking out what other water pressure issues could exist.

You might also want to go around and look for puddles of water coming from underground along the sprinkler lines for signs of a possible hole or leak in the line, as this can cause an issue with water making it out of the sprinklers properly.

There is also the chance of a poor electrical connection causing the system to fail. Check with a multimeter that voltage is properly being sent. Worst case, you may need to replace a controller.

Outside Forces

There are things we have no control over that can cause issues with our sprinkler systems too. Things like critters chewing through tubing or wires or tree roots growing and pinching lines, are all very common possibilities to consider.

Once you’ve discovered the root to your problem, the next step is ordering the parts you’ll need to replace. Let the Sprinkler System Store help you. We carry all the screws and hardware you need to get your lawn and garden watering perfected.

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