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What Are the Benefits of Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers?

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Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies have taken on great significance in today’s consumer market. Internet connected devices that operate via the “Internet of Things (IoT) do everything from change music selections from across the house, to brew a cup of coffee before we awake.

The IoT is undoubtedly here to stay and it's creating smart homes with all new functions and capabilities.

These Internet-connected consumer products are also getting linked with mobile apps and are allowing users to control things like heat settings in our homes while away or even unlocking doors via an app.

When it comes to lawn care, Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers and Wi-Fi irrigation controllers are helping homeowners to have great lawns. Here are some of the benefits of Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers.


The more reliant we become on new technologies, the more convience we seek. The extra chore of having to stand outside with a garden hose to water gardens and the lawn is just something most people don’t have time for anymore. In fact, most people probably struggle with remembering to even turn the sprinkler system on or off if it’s manual. With Wi-Fi connected sprinkler systems, all of that is handled by the ease of controlling your sprinklers from your mobile device via an app.

Cost Savings

In addition to the convenience Wi-Fi sprinklers provide, there are also cost savings. Over watering not only has potential to cause rot, but it also wastes money. If it suddenly starts to rain for the day and you’re not home, you can now turn off the sprinklers and conserve water from wherever you are via a mobile app. And no more forgetting to turn off the sprinkler and having to let it run until you get back home.

Smarter Home

As we begin to see more and more Internet-connected devices introduced, our homes will become smarter and more comfortable places to live. Wi-Fi connected sprinklers are just the tip of the iceberg in your home’s potential. Next time you’re thinking about upgrading items around the house, look for replacements with Internet-connected capabilities and you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of our modern world.

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