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Is Your Lawn Ready for Picnics and Summer Fun?

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Nothing beats the spring and summer season than the ability to spend more times outdoors enjoying fresh air, eating al fresco or watching the kids and pets play while relaxing with a drink on the patio. If this is the oasis you hope to create in your home’s backyard, you likely have some work to do after a long, storm-filled winter in most of the nation.

Here are some tips to getting your lawn and backyard area ready for picnics and summer fun.


Before you and guests can enjoy the backyard, you’ll need to clean up leaves, debris and dirt that’s likely kicked-up over the fall and winter months. After you’ve tidied up the space and maybe even power washed the patio and furniture and arranged it in the way you’d like it to appear, you’ll need to work on the bigger picture – the lawn.

Arrange Garden Beds and Tidy Shrubs

If one of your favorite pass times is gardening, now’s the time to get those beds ready to grow vegetables or decorate with flowers, trim shrubs and set-up them up for prosperous growth. Plan out the plots and start to plant seeds and young plants and fertilize as needed.

Remedy Brown Patches

Your lawn won’t just be an eyesore, but it will also be less comfortable to walk on and continue to wilt and dry out if you don’t start to remedy issues as early as possible.

If you’re staring at brown patches you might not be getting enough water to the grass, or you could even be cutting it too short. It’s best to start there. Find a fertilizer to support growth, aerate the compacted soil and start a regular watering routine.

Set-up Sprinkler System

No matter what you do to prep and get your outdoor space ready, you’ll need to keep up with it to enjoy it for the full duration of the warm months. A sprinkler system is the best way to take the fuss and heavy lifting out of lawn watering needs. Set-up a timer and let the system do the work for you.

Sprinkler System Store is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to water your lawn and keep grass growing green and tall. 

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