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How to Use Drip Irrigation and Plastic Mulch to Grow Vegetables

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Most traditional farmers will argue that all you need to yield crop is good soil, water and sunlight. But today there are numerous alternatives to growing vegetables that even if you lack one of these elements, or maybe don’t have the space or time to dedicate to the effort, you can still have successful results with growing vegetables.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are a great way to ensuring plants are getting the water they need, when they need, and just how much they need. The systems are easy and inexpensive to set-up and you can even DIY them to keep costs low and customize the system to fit your specific set-up.

It’s also a great tool to prevent over watering and the system aims directly at the root of the plant to ensure nutrients are being delivered right where they are needed. That means less time worrying over when you should be watering the plants and more time spent focusing on other activities.

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Plastic Mulch

To take things a step further in the plight to yield great crop, there a new options that improve soil and can bring a bountiful yield for your vegetable garden. Plastic mulch is one alternative to other mulching methods that involves using a 4 to 5 foot wide plastic material that is either embossed or slick and placed tightly against the soil with rows for the plants to grow.

The idea is that with plastic mulch and drips placed strategically around plants, it's possible to have better soil temperatures and irrigation results as well as less soil compacting and less weeds. All of these improvements transform a gardening experience and help gardeners to produce results.


Plasticulture, another name for this style of vegetable gardening, takes this idea another step further - especially where growers needing large yields is concerned. It uses a combination of plastic mulch, drip irrigation, fumigation and raised garden beds to double and triple harvests of crops and to produce those results faster than with traditional methods of gardening.

If you’re wanting to try plastic mulch and drip irrigation tricks for your garden, let Sprinkler System Store be your one stop shop for all the drip irrigation tools you’ll need for a successful project. From drip irrigation kits to tubes, filters, and more. Check us out now! 

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