Cooling Off With Misting Systems

A misting system can be a great addition to your lawn, garden or greenhouse.

Misting systems are just what the name says they are. A misting system sprays mist into very tiny water droplets. They are fine enough so that they don't cause much moisture upon contact as they almost immediately evaporate, leaving behind a cooling sensation.Most misting system use a sprat nozzle combined with a high pressure pump system to produce those miniscule water droplets. When these tiny water droplets make contact with the air, they evaporate quickly and take the heat out of the air, creating that cool feeling. This is just one reason why misting systems are a great option for heat reduction, especially in the summer.

Sprinkle System Store wants to help you with your cooling and watering needs. Sprinkler System Store offers several types of misting systems. The Orbit misting systems are made from differing PSI levels from standard garden hose pressure to a 1000 PSI booster pumpand are designed to be outstanding cooling options for many years.

If you have a greenhouse, a misting system is a great addition. They provide greenhouses with favorable conditions all year round. They can also help fight off plant disease and increase germination and growth rates. Misting systems can reduce the temperature in a greenhouse by several degrees.

Let Sprinkler System Store assist you with all your misting system needs. We have a complete line of Orbit products and offer top-notch customer service and outstanding prices.