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Misting Systems

For all your cooling and watering needs, we have a variety of products from misting systems to personal misters to accessories and maintenance tools. Our Orbit mister systems are made for differing PSI levels from standard garden hose pressure to a 1000 PSI booster pump and are durably built to provide cooling for many years. All of our patio misters have the ability to drop outdoor temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Our outdoor misters come with everything you need to quickly install and operate for instant cooling relief.

For people on the go, we have personal misting systems, including portable options by Orbit. Whether you work outdoors or are always on the run and need to stay cool, we have a personal misting bottle as well as coiled Cobra personal, portable systems. These personal misters attach easily to a garden hose so you can use them at parties or your neighbor's barbecue.

If you have lower water pressure that hinders your patio system or just want a professional grade fine mist, we sell high pumps that boost it and produce a finer spray to make your system provide more cooling. For more efficient Orbit systems, we have nozzles that are easy to maintain and help conserve water. With nozzle extensions, you can easily customize your misting system for closer range or wrapping around areas on your patio. For more versatility, we supply you with hose faucet adapters and mist system couplings with a Slip-Lok feature for easy connection.

For longer reaching misters, we sell tubing that works with Slip-Lok couplings. Our flexible tubing is ideal for reaching all areas of your patio or deck for full coverage. Not only that, we have hanging clamps that easily attach to patio or porch roofs. We supply you with tubing anchors for easy installation of mist systems into metal, stucco and wood surfaces.

To keep your misting system working efficiently, we have nozzle cleaning solution and calcium inhibitor filters that ensure longer life and usage. Our filters eliminate nozzle clogging and prolong the life of your patio misting system.

Whatever you need for your personal or full patio misting system, we have all the Orbit products you need for customization and longevity. We offer great customer service and excellent prices to keep you satisfied. Come to us for all of your mist cooling needs.


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