Choosing the Right Sprinkler System Timer

Keeping your lawn green and healthy can feel like a full-time job sometimes. This is where a top-quality lawn sprinkler system can really pay off.

Once you get the sprinkler system, you'll need to decide how you will operate the system. One decision you'll have to make is, do you buy a timer?

Sprinkler timers and water controllers can help create seamless automatic yard watering. A timer helps connect your lawn sprinkler system to water and allows the system to supply the yard with water at specific times.

It's important to choose the right timer for your sprinkler system. Not all timers are created equal. There are things to think about before purchasing a timer for your system.

Think about the location of your timer. Do you want the timer to be inside or outside? You can find both indoor and outdoor mounted controllers.

The timers can control the zones of your water sprinkler system. The timer you choose should be able to control all of the zones if necessary. When your irrigation system is installed, your yard is decided into sections or zones. Sprinkler timers use stations to control each zone. The number of zones in your yard may help you determine the right timer for your sprinkler system. You may want to consider buying a timer that can handle more zones than you currently have. The time should be able to expand if you decide to increase the amount of zones later on.

Basic mechanical timers must be manually set. They also tend to be more economical. Their programming options are also somewhat more limited. Electronic timers delivers more features and provide more options. Some electronic models allow you to control the timer from a computer. This you to make adjustments from remote locations away from home.

Sprinkler System Store offers outdoors timers that are weatherproof and indoor timers that can be operated from remote locations.