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Sprinkler System Timers

Water controllers and lawn sprinkler timers are important for creating seamless automatic yard watering. With an Orbit sprinkler timer, you can easily connect your sprinkler system to water when you need it. This is energy efficient and water conserving as well.

We have many outdoor lawn sprinkler timers that feature weatherproof construction and locking swing doors for safe outside use. These swing door timers are durable and range from 4-station to 12-station coverage for larger lawns. Many of our water controllers have indoor and outdoor mounting kits so you can install them right where you need them.

If you’re wondering, “how do sprinkler timers work?” or “how do I install a sprinkler timer?” – don’t bother. All of our Orbit timers are easy to program and schedule for optimal garden watering. Battery operated options, wifi-connected models, and lawn sprinkler timers with easy-to-use touch screen or dial-operated controls are all available to make your automated yard watering experience as pleasant and simple as possible.


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