Water Management & Your Lawn: Tips for Better Soil and Grass

Efficient irrigation is something most homeowners, farmers, stadiums, parks and other areas where turf matters, are constantly striving towards.

Since keeping grass green and plush requires the right amount of water usage, proper irrigation needs to happen. Not only are they trying to get the desired result, but do so while keeping costs in control. This is where sensors are making it easier to measure and maintain lawns today.

Automated sprinkler systems that work on timers and know when and how much to water grasses are key to taking the burden of ground maintenance away from gardeners while making desirable landscapes possible.

How Sensors Help

It is possible to reduce the problem of over-watering grasses by monitoring soil moisture with a sensor. When a soil sensor- which is connected to an irrigation timer- finds there is too much moisture present in the soil, it will suspend the watering to keep over watering from occurring. This can differ for every situation. Depending on local weather forecasts, the type of soil and its ability to hold and store moisture, and other factors.

Other Tips to Improve Water Management

In addition to healthier plants and vegetation; a better irrigation system will also keep you in compliance with drought restrictions in your area.

Timing your watering sessions to more optimal times of day is another great way to optimize water usage. For example, watering early in the AM before the hot sun is out will reduce the rate at which water is evaporated before it’s had a chance to be absorbed by the soil.

Using a nozzle attached to hose also delivers water more efficiently across plants. 

You could even revert back to manual watering processes in situations where extreme drought restrictions are in place. Beware however that this also increases the chances of inaccurately predicting absorption rates.

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