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Hose Faucet Watering

For all of your hose faucet watering needs, we have a wide range of many different Orbit irrigation products. Hose faucet watering is simple. You can easily connect spray wands, yard sprinklers, Orbit sprinkler nozzles and much more to a standard garden hose faucet for effective watering. Not only do we have multi-port faucet connectors with shut-off valves, we have hose fittings and tools as well as complete lawn watering systems that easily attach to a hose faucet in minutes.

Right now, you may have a few small water sprinkler heads that just aren't doing what they need to be doing. We have the solution for you. With many different watering products, you can customize an entire lawn sprinkler system from your garden hose faucet.

With many different yard watering systems that connect to a faucet, we help you create an automatic sprinkler system without all the hassle of digging up your yard or having to pay loads of money. Along with timers and controllers that attach easily, we have valves for adding additional watering zones or stations to an existing lawn sprinkler system. Not only do we have automatic timers, we also have manual or mechanical options that are easily adjustable. With several water sprinkler timers with hose faucet connections, we make it easy for you to customize a lawn irrigation system to your yard. From single port to 4- or 6-port hose faucet watering systems, you can easily make it your own. If you need to add more ports or replace one, our hose valves are ideal.

For various gardening needs, we have an extensive selection of water spray nozzles and wands. From rear-trigger to fireman hose nozzles, all of our Orbit hose systems are of the highest quality and construction. We have hose nozzles that range from fan spray to jet stream with adjustable patterns. We also feature rear- and front-trigger water sprayers that are easy to operate. Our spray nozzle wands come in variety of sizes and spray patterns for versatility and convenience. Garden watering has never been so easy.

From impact heads to rotating water sprinklers, we offer many above-ground lawn options that are durably built for long-lasting performance. Whether you need an irrigator soaker or a spinning sprinkler head with multiple arms, we have exactly what you need. With oscillating and yard sprinklers on wheeled bases, you will be able to get the system head that is perfect for your lawn irrigation needs. From decorative to multi-pattern garden sprinkler heads to traveling sprinklers, you will find all of you lawn watering heads right here. Whether you are adding to your existing system, replacing parts or creating a do-it-yourself lawn sprinkler, we have all kinds of products for you.

If you need to make simple repairs, we have easy-to-use hose clinchers and complete hose repair kits as well as clamping menders. We also have adapters to connect garden hoses directly to irrigation pipes for versatility and multi-functionality. Whether you are a guru or just a novice, we have all the hose faucet repair parts you need.

With high-quality Orbit products and great customer service, we are your one-stop shop for sprinkler system parts and hose faucet watering. Look no further than right here for making your own above-ground sprinkler system. All of your hose faucet watering needs can be found with us.


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