Spring Gardening Tips to Grow Healthy Plants

Gardening season will be here before we know it. That means it’s time to get ready for the warmer days and plan out upcoming plant layouts. Here are some tips to help you grow a healthy successful garden this year.

Plan Ahead

Depending where on the map you’re located, there will be differing times of year when the soil and temperatures will be warm enough to plant directly into the ground. It’s important to match the type of plant with the time of year and zone you live in for optimal plant health. You can also get a jump start on gardening by starting plants indoors from seeds until the temperatures are reached outdoors. You can recycle old items like egg cartons, egg shells and even empty single serve coffee pods to start your plants. Be sure they have enough water and sunlight to emerge in these early growth phases and that you follow directions closely for thinning the plants and moving them to larger pots when needed.

Clean the Yard

Before spring rolls in you should head outdoors to clean up the lawn from any debris like branches and leaves that have fallen in the colder months. This will expose the grass and dirt so that it receives critical nutrients and can grow thick and plush as temperatures rise. You can mulch leaves and create organic compost but leaving them as is can smother and kill grass. Make a day out of cleaning up and preparing your yard for the new season and you'll have a far more successful planting season. This is also a great time to think about dividing up perennials you’ve been meaning to spread elsewhere.

Prep Soil

Any experienced gardener knows that in order to support healthy and lush flowers and vegetable plants you need really good soil. It’s not as simple as digging a hole in the current grown as-is and adding plants. This tactic may work to keep the plants alive, but it won’t promote the lush, full bright garden beds that mesmerize people who pass them. That’s because soil needs to have nutrients and it gets those nutrients through compost. A well-balanced soil rich in nutrients and with good pH levels is important. Healthy soil is also important if you’ll be growing vegetables and things you’ll be consuming.

Use Equipment to Your Advantage

While it’s true that successful gardening takes a lot of planning and attention, there are many tools and equipment available today to take some of the intense labor and stress out of gardening. Sprinklers on automatic timers, lawn mowers that cut grasses to just the right height and drip irrigation systems are just the start when it comes to tools to help you with your gardening.

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