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Sprinkler Timers & Hose Faucet Timers

Trying to gauge when and how much you should be watering your garden and lawn to keep it healthy and thriving can be tricky. We all know what too much watering will do to plants and the devastation that under watering brings.

Take that guess work out with sprinkler timers from Orbit and Sprinkler System Store.

At Sprinkler System Store we sell a variety of timers for hoses, faucets and sprinklers that can be easily set-up, controlled with a remote, or even used wirelessly.

Our  Easy Set & Swing Panel Sprinkler Timers are versatile to meet varied needs. Whether you need watering in different zones of the home with separate controls and settings, or you just want to manually set a dial to water for a dedicated amount of time —we’ve got the tools you’ll need.

We also have a selection of Remote Control Sprinkler Timers and Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers & Sprinkler Timers that can be easily programmed with remote capabilities so users can log in from a computer or their mobile device and simply adjust watering needs related their local weather forecasts.

Mechanical Water Hose & Hose Faucet Timers are also a great option for anyone looking to add an automated system to their watering hose. Using a dial added to the hose faucet, users can set a clock and a start time, or conserve water with a rain delay option.

Whatever your water needs, you can buy with confidence at the Sprinkler System Store. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and we’re here to help you with all your lawn and garden watering needs. 


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