Get Your Lawn Easter Egg Hunt Ready

Springtime in many states means warmer weather and a chance to spend time outdoors. It’s also the time of year when kids wait for a visit from the Easter bunny leaving treats in a basket for their enjoyment. Traditional celebrations also call for an egg hunt outdoors where kids scatter about searching for multicolored plastic eggs filled with surprises.

Before your yard is filled with children scurrying in their spring dress wear to find the most eggs, prepare your lawn with these tips.

Start Early

One of the most important things to understand about caring for your lawn is that it takes time. You’ll need to water regularly and feed your lawn if you want a lush carpet of green grass. Depending on the type of grass that grows on your lawn and the region where you are located, you’ll need to be consistent about treatment (be sure to look for kid and pet safe options) before, during and after each season. Proper care means come springtime you will be able to celebrate the new growth and season ahead.

Do a Big Clean-Up

If your area is just thawing out from the winter, you should pick a day before the event and clean up all of the debris and fallen leaves and sticks from the lawn for a neat appearance and to remove any dangers. Keeping up with this sort of clean-up biweekly will help ensure your lawn isn’t damaged by objects blocking it from getting vital sun and water needed to grow.


Don’t make the time outdoors this season only about the kids. Take time to enjoy nature and your gardens by setting up some patio chairs and maybe a table and eat al fresco. Consider adding some decorations and turning the Easter egg hunt into a gathering with family and friends.

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