Tips for Pet & Child Safe Lawns

With warmer weather and the spring season rolling in, you’re probably starting to think about your lawn and getting it in tip-top shape. After all, who will notice what a great home you have when there's dry grass with bald patches laid out in front of it? 

Keeping a lush green carpet isn’t as easy as it looks. The struggle is further compounded when you consider that pesticides used in many grass treatments can harm pets and children. Plus, it’s very important to be responsible about the environment and using clean, safe products.

The Problem with Pesticides

In order to help grasses stay green and healthy, there are many different elements that need to be balanced in the lawn. Various chemicals are used to eliminate insects, enrich soil and even spur grass growth. But the chemicals in these products are not safe when they contaminate the water we drink, food we eat and lawns where our pets and children play.

Here are our top tips for achieving healthy lawns while keeping kids and pets safe.

Green Alternatives

Using organic fertilizers or natural options like seaweed and compost will take the dangers out of the equation for kids and pets and help keep your lawn healthy. Be sure to always read the labels and instructions for products you buy to ensure you are applying properly and that there are no warnings you should know about.

Be sure to follow instructions after adding the fertilizers to your lawn. Including waiting at least 24 hours after application before letting your kids and pets walk on the lawns. Consider doing these steps before summer rolls around in early spring when less traffic is outdoors.

Back to Basics

While it may take longer to remedy lawn issues the "old fashioned" way, you could go back to basics. Most green lawns decades ago weren’t achieved with chemicals or other concoctions. Just good old water and sunlight. Use a smart, programmable sprinkler system to get optimal lawn watering. Take the guess work out of keeping a lush green carpet for your kids, pets and passerby's to enjoy.

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