Water Sprinkler Zones

If you want to make sure your lawn and garden always receive proper amounts of water, consider investing in a lawn sprinkler system.

When you decide it's time for a lawn sprinkler system, you'll want to educate yourself and gain a basic understanding on the workings of an irrigation system.

When a lawn sprinkler system is being installed, a lawn and garden are divided into zones. Some areas will need more water than others. This can be because of things like plant growth and lack of sunlight. This is why the yard should be divided into different irrigation zones. This will allow grass and certain plants to be watered more frequently and help prevent overwatering and water waste.

The zones deliver water to their specified areas through a series of valves. The master valve is installed at the point where the lawn irrigation system meets the water supply. The zone valves deliver the water to the specific zones. Most lawn sprinkler systems have several zone valves. Each individual zone valve controls the irrigation for that specific area of the yard. The irrigation valves are told to open by the controller.

This all helps save time, water and money. Wasted water means a higher water bill. So, essentially, wasted water is wasted money.

You also need to be smart when you set up the water sprinkler system and the zones. The time of day is important when it comes to watering. Water in the early morning to give the water time to reach the roots before evaporating under the sun.