The Importance of Backflow Devices

One of the most important parts of a lawn sprinkler system is the backflow device. If you have a lawn sprinkler system, or are thinking about installing a sprinkler system, it's important to know how the backflow device works.

You should also understand why backflow devices are so important. Backflow devices are essential for irrigation systems that run on water that comes from a drinkable source. In some areas, it is required by law to have a backflow preventer installed onto an irrigation system. The backflow preventer stops irrigation water back into the drinkable water. Backflow preventers are crucial to keep drinking water clean and chemical-free.

Backflow preventers work by using a one-way valve to prevent water from flowing back into the supply line. It allows the water to flow in only one direction. When no water supply is present, the valve closes so that water on the other side of the valve cannot pass through the valve and contaminate the supply line. A backflow preventer is designed to block the reverse flow of water if it senses a problem with the normal water supply. When water is pulled through the main line of the irrigation system, the water is syphoned through a branch line. During this process, the water also brings along whatever else was in the line. In lawn sprinkler systems, these can be things like fertilizer. The backflow preventer is designed to keep those toxins out of the drinking water supply.

Irrigation backflow devices are important for safety so make sure your lawn sprinkler system is safe. If you have questions, check with qualified lawn sprinkler system installers.