What is a Sprinkler, and How does a Sprinkler Work?

When it comes to landscaping, small flower gardens and large crop fields seem about as divergent as you can get. Yet, in both situations and all other possible scenarios in between, watering is a must. A steady, accurate, and concentrated flow of water keeps all plants thriving, nourished, and lush.

However, because spaces and plant needs vary, no single watering or irrigation system is the answer. Instead, the two common modern irrigation methods are drip irrigation, ideal for beds of plants or flowers, vegetable gardens, trees, or ornamentals, and sprinkler systems, which essentially throw water into the air, where it then showers down on plants. A sprinkler, in general, is considered a better option for lawns.

On the other hand, as you've likely gathered from looking around Sprinkler System Store, this irrigation method comes in a wide range of models and sizes, some of which are better for certain lawns or configurations than others. As you seek out the best sprinkler for your yard, lawn, or garden, consider the following points: the amount of area being covered; how often will the area need to be watered; the climate of your region; if your yard, lawn, or garden has any harder-to-reach spots; and if you expect to take a concentrated or passive approach with watering.

Depending upon your area, climate, and amount of time, sprinkler systems come in a variety of types, including: