Sprinkler Irrigation System

The Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation for Crops & Gardens

Whether you manage a garden at your home or a large crop field, sprinkler irrigation systems can be very beneficial. A sprinkler irrigation system will provide a regular supply of water in the right amounts for your plants, crops, or grass. The two most common types are drip irrigation and standard sprinkler systems. A drip irrigation system works great for plants, flower beds, or vegetable gardens. The system works by emitting a small amount of water to the plants' roots slowly at a steady rate. The water goes deeper into the soil and is distributed directly into the plants' roots. A sprinkler system sprays water into the air, showering the plants from above.

A drip irrigation system offers a controlled way to water plants. The system consists of plastic pipes that are placed underground, normally a few inches below the surface. The emitters connected to the pipes allow water to seep into the soil. Some more complex systems even allow for fertilizers to be released into the soil. In today's world, drip irrigation systems are preferred over sprinkler systems, because they are cost effective and conserve water. A drip irrigation system has more precise watering, creates deeper root growth, more foliage, less evaporation, 70-percent less water waste, less weed growth, and practically eliminates runoff.

Here are some of the parts available for irrigation systems: