Putting the Brakes on Fast Grass

Most homeowners who have lawns want a lush green grass that is healthy and grows on a regular basis. However, very few people want grass that grows too fast. This does happen.

The good news is, there are ways to curb fast-growing grass.

Not All Grass is Created Equal

You can plant a slow-growing grass in your yard. Buffalo grass is such a grass. It’s also a native North American grass, making it fairly common to find.

Cut Down on the Fertilizer

Everyone’s gotta eat, right? Well, grass has to eat too but fast-growing grass can stand to go on a diet. This is why you might want to cut down on fertilizer. Better yet, switch to a slow-release fertilizer to slow down the grass-feeding process.

Mow the Lawn Less

Mowing actually encourages and stimulates lawn growth. This is because the grass is under pressure to re-generate and add more leaf. You should also raise the blade level of your mower, especially during the hot weather months. This will also help reduce the grass’s need to grow.

Water, good. Too much water, bad.

Your lawn needs water to stay healthy. Too much water can be bad for a lawn. The more the lawn is watered, the more it will grow. When you do water, water early in the day for the best results. A lawn sprinkler system with a timer can help you regulate specific times when your lawn is watered. This guards against overwatering.