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Thomas Jefferson and the History of Lawns in America

Having an appealing front lawn along with a nice plush garden area is an American tradition dating back to the days of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson has long been given credit for being the first person to attempt an English-style lawn at his estate, Monticello, in 1806, but many others had tried to emulate English landscaping before him. Over time, there was increasing number of common areas in New England towns that emphasized grass spaces, and many scholars link this development with the romantic and transcendentalist movements of the 19th century as well as the economic boom periods prior to the Panic of 1837 that permitted early American to place emphasis on beautification projects, especially town centers and greens. Today, almost every small town in New England has a town green or common area.

These green common areas were also heavily associated with the success of the Revolutionary War and often became the residences of patriotic war memorials after the Civil War ended in 1865. Because of the events and circumstances surrounding the founding of the lawn in America, expansive, green lawns became associated with the very wealthy, especially once these families began to leave the countryside for the city, and eventually the unkempt yardage was blamed on the less well-to-do families who lacked the financial resources of the wealthy families. In most cases, the wealthy elite were able to hire members of the lower class to care for their shrubs, lawns, bushes and other outdoor social areas.

Over time, the best way to ensure that these common green spaces stay healthy and viable for the next generation is to install sprinkler systems. Modern sprinkler systems are easy to install and they can be used to irrigate large open green spaces, like town greens, ball fields and large swaths of public spaces.