Drip Irrigation & Gardening

A great, healthy garden needs water, but what is the best way to deliver that water? Just watering the plants by hand can get the job done, but it can be hard to stay on a set schedule and you may wind up wasting water.

One great solution for watering the garden is drip irrigation. A drip irrigation system is perfect for gardens that have tight and narrow areas, areas that might otherwise hard to reach with traditional watering methods.

Drip irrigation uses water selectively, so there is less chance of water waste or runoff. It's simple: Drip irrigation applies water slowly, in a dripping method, right to the root of the plants. Plastic pipes carry a low flow of water under low water pressure. The water is delivered slowly. This allows the water to slowly seep into the soil and be absorbed by the roots. Because the water drips into the soil, there is little chance of evaporation. The soil surface between plants stays drier, which reduces the risk of weeds sprouting in the garden.

The benefits of this sort of irrigation are obvious: it saves time and water. Saving water means saving money.

It's important to find the right drip irrigation system for your garden. Sprinkler System Store offers an expansive selection of Orbit drip irrigation products. The products range from full irrigation kits to adapters to timers.

This also allows you to change your drip irrigation system. You can decide to change your manual drip irrigation system by installing a controller or timer.