Don't Dig Up The Sprinkler System

Seems like, with the exception of winter, a homeowner never gets too long a break from doing work around the yard. There's just too much to do.

If you have a lawn sprinkler system, you want to be careful when planning any significant yard work (such as a large landscaping project).

Don't dismiss this possibility if you are planning a landscaping project that requires digging. Even a small miscalculation in digging can cause damage to an underground lawn irrigation system.

The key to avoiding such a mishap is preparation. Knowing where the sprinkler system is in your yard will save time and money.

It does not have to be a major project. It can be a simple yard chore like trimming bushes or pulling weeds. Don't assume you are not digging near the underground lawn sprinkler system.

If your lawn sprinkler system was professionally installed, you should have the design map used by the installation company. The map should show where the irrigation system is laid out in your yard.

Find where a sprinkler line should be at the edge of your map that crossed the area designated for work. Follow the path of the water line until you are at the digging location. Mark this area with a flag.

Find the backflow device. This is a device that looks like a pipe with a handle similar to that of a water faucet. This area should also be marked with a small flag.

Repeat this steps in other sprinkler zones in your yard where digging might take place.