Different Orbit Timers

There are few things that add more value to a lawn sprinkler system than a sprinkler system timer. The timer adds to the effectiveness of the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler timers act as the "brains" of the lawn sprinkler system operation. A good timer will eliminate the guesswork in wondering when it's time to turn on the lawn sprinkler system. The sprinkler timer and controller can be set to activate the system at a particular time of day.

This helps keep a regular watering schedule for the lawn and yard. Grass and plants need water on a regular basis to stay healthy and green.

Timers also help conserve water. When the timer shuts the system down at a certain time, it eliminates the chance the sprinkler system will stay on too long and waste water. Wasted water means paying more money on your watering bill.

Sprinkler System Store knows how important quality timers are to lawn irrigation systems. This is why Sprinkler System Store offers a full line of Orbit timers and controllers.