Winter Plant Care Guide

If temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your garden might experience frost and could damage your lovely landscape. Winter plant care is essential if you don't want to start all over again in the spring.

Are you getting ready for the coldest months of the year and wondering how your plants will fare this season? We are about to learn what the best plan of action is for gardeners that have sensitive plants.

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Winter Plant Care 

Winter gardening, for most, is not nearly as much hands-on constant work as it is the rest of the year.  

Wrap your outdoor plants before the first frost. Buy burlap bags or specially designed rolls of plant coverings, and secure them so that they don't blow off in the first winter storm.

Covering your plants will also protect them from animals that are scavenging for food.

Don't forget to prep your watering system for freezing temperatures, too.

A Year-Round Green Thumb

Let's talk about a few specific varieties of plants, and how we can keep them alive and healthy throughout the coldest months of the year. Many of our garden plants need to be trimmed back and covered with plant covers to prevent freezing.

Even if the plant is covered, it will still need to be water, especially if there is no rain.

Citronella plant care winter scheme is quite simple, because they must be brought indoors if you want them to live through a harsh winter. They are sensitive plants and will die if there is a frost.

An elephant ear is hardy, but only to a certain point. They can not survive a frost, and should be brought indoors if you live in colder temperatures than a zone 9-11.

Of course, if the plants are potted, you should find an indoor space for them, which would have sunlight and ventilation. Once spring rolls around and there is no more danger of frost, you can bring your plant collection back outside.

When to Water 

Now that we've brought the sensitive plants indoors and the hardy ones are safe outside, we should talk about how much water plants need in the winter.

Most plants will need less water in winter than they take in the warmer months. Think about how much thirstier you are when it is hot outside vs cold.

Try to pick a warm day for watering your outdoor plants, so that the ground will absorb the water instead of just freezing. The water needs to be able to soak down to the roots.

Gardening Genius 

As long as you are aware which plants can survive outside, which ones need to come in, and how much water they all need, the rest of winter plant care is pretty straightforward. Leave no plant behind, regardless of the time of year.

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