Secret Garden: What Is the Secret to Gardening?

Is your lawn brown and dry? Does it crunch under your feet? Do your plants resemble droopy brown stalks? 

Did you tick yes, yes, and YES? If so, it's time you found out the secret to gardening (hint: it involves water). 

If you want a garden that resembles the manicured Callaway Gardens or the botanical oasis of the Descanso Gardens, this article is for you. 

The secret to maintaining beautiful gardens is simple. You just have to read on to find out.

Water, Water, Water

When it comes to lawn and garden maintenance, water is your friend. But you do need to know the proper way to water your garden. 

The best time to do your watering is nice and early. That's when the sun is at its weakest and the ground is at its coolest. 

But don't water in short intervals. If you're watering six days a week in 15-minute intervals, you're dehydrating your plants. Instead, water two to three times a week for an hour each time. 

Variety Is Your Friend

Plan to grow several different varieties of flora and watch the different colors pop up year-round. Nothing screams botanical gardens more than color! 

And better yet, you get to learn about new plants and create your own ecosystem for insects and birds to flourish. Depending on where you live, bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds might call your garden home. 

Start With a Good Soil

But what's the best soil to use? For raised garden beds or digging holes in the ground, organic soil potting is your best bet. 

Soil management is key to maintaining soil moisture for plant growth and development. That's where water comes in. A gentle watering of your soil will allow it to absorb more water and spread it around evenly. 

Wait until the soil is dry before giving it another water. 

Embrace Your Mistakes

Like everything in life, you're bound to make a mistake (or ten). And the same goes for gardening. Sometimes it's just about trial and error.

If you over-fertilize or over-water, it's not the end of the world. Just avoid it for next time. 

Don't let fear of making a mistake stop you from gardening. Embrace the opportunity to grow just as your garden is. 

Unlock Your Inner Gardening Prowess

These (not so) secret gardening tips will help you on your way to having a Victoria Gardens-level botanic oasis. 

But if we're honest, gardening is easy. All you need is water. Watering your lawn and garden two to three times a week for an hour each time is key to a healthy yard. 

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