Differences Between Sprinklers and Misting Systems

We will be teaching you about misting systems versus sprinkler systems. They are not the same, and you deserve all the information when it comes to your lawn.

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5 Kinds of Yard Plants That Need a Lot of Water

Find out 5 kinds of yard plants that need a lot of water and could benefit from a proper sprinkling system. Your curb appeal will thank you.

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How to Plant Fruit Trees in Your Home Garden

Find out how to plant fruit trees in your home garden, and care for them so you get the most fruit possible in our essential guide.

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3 Things You Didn't Know About Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are extremely important if you want to keep up a lovely lawn and beautiful garden, however click here to learn 3 things you never knew about them!

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Why Is Watering Your Lawn a Good Thing?

Many people don't know this but your lawn needs water too, and not just the rain! So why is watering your lawn a good thing? Click here to find out!

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5 Signs Your Yard Needs a New Sprinkler System

Part of keeping your yard green and healthy involves knowing if your sprinkler is doing its job. Here are signs you need to get a new sprinkler system.

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5 Common Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you are about to give your yard its first garden, this guide can help you start on the right foot. Here are common garden mistakes and how to avoid them.

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5 Summer Garden Care Tips for New Homeowners

The summer can be an enjoyable season for your garden if you understand proper maintenance. Here are tips for summer garden care for new homeowners.

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5 Sprinkler System Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

Have you recently moved into a new home and need a sprinkler that keeps your yard green? Here are sprinkler system mistakes to avoid for new homeowners.

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What Is a Water Flow Meter and How Does One Work?

There are different water meter types. We're discussing the kind that measures water usage for applications that don't need sewage treatment. Learn more here!

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