6 Important Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Are you considering getting your lawn grass on track for a healthy and productive growing season?

Spring lawn care chores aren’t difficult but are essential to ensure you provide your grass with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. By doing so, you will be setting your lawn to a season of long glory.

With the spring right around the corner, you must understand how to properly care for your yard. Read on to learn about 6 important lawn care tips.

1. Dethatch Your Lawn

You need to detach dead turfgrass above your grass root system and soil below. Raking during spring will also help remove grass blades that died over the winter. Dead grass usually turn into a thatch that chokes any new growth.

However, when raking, use a flexible leaf rake.

2. Aerate Your Yard

Caring for your grass may also involve aerating your yard soil.

If your lawn is usually under heavy traffic, the soil might get compacted. Moss will then be able to thrive well on compacted soil. You can aerate your lawn by creating openings in the lawn turf to allow air and water into the soil to avoid such situations.

Though spring might not be the ideal time to aerate your lawn, it might be necessary to facilitate new growth.

3. Overseed

If your lawn is littered with bare patches due to heavy traffic or neglect, you should consider filling the patches with grass seed.

Sow seed over existing grass patches, and then apply slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Keep your new seed moist until the seeds have sprouted. After five weeks, new grass will germinate and sprout.

4. Fertilize Your Lawn

Do you know how to get green grass?

Well, applying nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your lawn will not only boost its growth but also turn it into a deep green. However, you should be cautious not to add too much nitrogen as it might destroy your lawn. Additionally, you will need to water your lawn after fertilizing.

5. Apply Herbicides

Caring for your lawn also involves ensuring it is weed-free.

Weed prevention will help your lawn to remain healthy. To eliminate weed on your lawn, you need to know that all weeds are not eliminated in the same manner. For instance, you need to use a pre-emergent herbicide to eliminate annual weed, while perennial weed needs post-emergent herbicide.

6. Assess Soil PH

To ensure your grass grows successfully, you need to have the right soil.

Most lawn grass will thrive in neither acidic nor alkaline conditions. You can buy a soil test kit from your local garden store. Note acidic soil will have a PH level below 7 while an alkaline soil will have a PH higher than 7.

Use Lawn Care Tips to Green it up

You must make use of lawn care tips to keep your yard thriving. You just need to take a few simple chores to prevent your lawn against weeds, diseases, or other conditions that might deteriorate your grass.

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