The Best Way to get Your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter

There are many advantages to having a lawn sprinkler system for your lawn and yard. A lawn sprinkler system also comes with responsibilities that need to be met to ensure the sprinkler system will run in good condition for several years.

Ready for Winter

One of those big responsibilities is getting your lawn sprinkler system ready for winter. This can be a complicated job and it is strongly recommended that it be handled by a professional. A pro should be able to make sure the sprinkler winterization is done safely and correctly.

So what will a professional do when winterizing the sprinkler system? Here's what goes into the process:

This process is also why it's recommended you call in a professional. An air compressor will be used to blow all water out of the pipes and valves.

When you talk to a professional, use this information as talking points and ask questions to better understand the process.