Common Water Irrigation Problems

Lawn sprinkler irrigation is an outstanding way to provide your lawn and garden with the water they need to grow and flourish. Yet, there can be some common issues that arise. Most are easily solvable.

Consider some of the basic landscaping issues that can occur when setting up a lawn sprinkler system. If your yard has a slope or a hill, water could puddle in the area. Setting the water sprinkler zone in that area for a lower amount of water.

If you have a smaller yard, you can installer low-volume nozzles to protect against overwatering.

Beyond the physical challenges of the fact that sometimes there can be breakdowns with the sprinkler system itself, especially if the system is not properly maintained.

Low-head drainage can happen when water is siphoned from the lowest head in a sprinkler zone after watering is completed. When the water flow to the zone is shut off, the remaining water in the lines will drain downhill to the lowest point. Drain check valves can be installed to take care of the low-head drainage.

Nozzle blockage is not uncommon. Keep an eye on the nozzles of your lawn sprinkler to make sure they do not become blocked by debris. This can happen as a result of trash or overgrown plants. It can also happen as a result of lawn mower damage so be careful where you mow.

You should also occasionally check for faulty connections. Look at each sprinkler valve in the system to see if any leaking is occurring. If you find a leak, try cleaning the valve before determining if it needs to be replaced.