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Water Flow Meters

Over watering is a common fear when it comes to using a sprinkler system. Not only do you not want to damage your lawn or garden, you also don’t want to waste water and in turn waste money. By implementing a water flow meter into your water sprinkler system you can save money and conserve water at the same time.

Water flow meters are easy to use and install. Simply attach the meter to a standard outdoor faucet, garden hose, or nozzle to start calculating single-use and total water usage. The electronic LCD display will show you, in either gallons or liters, how much water was expended in that use and overall. Our meters are extremely accurate and can measure your water usage to the tenth of a gallon. You can use this information to monitor the amount of water you lawn or garden is receiving and prevent over watering. This will also help you monitor how much water you are using and save you money.

Prevent over watering, conserve water, and save money by installing one of the water flow meters we offer on our website! 


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