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Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers & Sprinkler Timers

Forget to turn on your sprinkler system before you left the house? Did you leave the sprinklers on before you left and now it’s raining? These are common dilemmas homeowners can run into and it can be a waste of your time and money to go back home and remedy these situations. With our high tech Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers, you can access your sprinkler system from anywhere!

Never leave work in the middle of the day again because you just realized you never turned off your sprinkler system. When you install one of our Wi-Fi sprinkler control systems you can have full control of your system in the palm of your hand. Our Wi-Fi systems work with the B-hyve application on both Android and IOS to turn your smart phone into a sprinkler system controller.

The technology that the B-hyve app gives you is incredible.  Not only can you turn your irrigation system on and off, you can use the WeatherSense technology software. WeatherSense will use live weather feeds, slope of your lawn, soil type, and other site conditions to automatically adjust your system to deliver the precise amount of water to your property.

All these features will keep your sprinkler system working to its full potential for you, along with save you money. Keep your water bill down by setting up a watering routine that best fits your lawn’s needs. Never worry about wasting water when it starts raining and you left the sprinklers on again. Not only will this make your home more energy efficient, it will make it more economically friendly too.

Our Wi-Fi sprinkler systems will allow you to have full control over your irrigation equipment no matter where you are. No matter if you are at work, family picnic, or vacation, you can have the peace of mind knowing your system is running properly. Be able to manually control your sprinkler system or allow WeatherSense to come up with a watering routine that best fits your property all from your smart phone when you purchase and install one of our Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers. 


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