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Easy Set & Swing Panel Sprinkler Timers

Watering your garden has never been easier than it is today. Long gone are the days of standing in front of each section of the garden or lawn holding and lugging around a garden hose to try and soak the plants properly. Not only was this a hassle, it also didn’t really get the job done effectively.

Today we have sprinklers, entire irrigation systems and timers that have helped us to keep our lawns and gardens fresh and thriving.

At Sprinkler System store we deliver all of the products and accessory you’ll need to keep your watering going.

Our easy set and swing panel sprinkler timers are the perfect addition to your lawn watering regime.

With easy programming and scheduling options, you can control how much water is delivered to your plants and when. This takes the guesswork and hassle out of watering and  large LCD displays make it super easy to read and understand all the controls and functions.

The sprinkler timers can also be set to automatically or manually water the grounds and even be delayed if rain is the forecast. They can also cover large and separate areas and have them water separately or at the same time.

If you're hesitating to get a timer system setup for your lawn because you don't have any wiring to attach it to, we also sell battery powered sprinkler timer systems that function up to one year and can control up to 4 irrigation valves. 

There really isn’t anything standing in the way of you and a beautiful lawn anymore. Check out all of the supplies at Sprinkler System Store and get your system in order now. 


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