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Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler System Store offers a wide variety of sprinkler heads from trusted named like Orbit. Whether you are looking for pop-up, gear drive, impact, or other types of sprinkler heads, we have it all. Our wide variety of Orbit sprinkler heads gives you the ability to find the product that best fits your individual need. Every lawn is different, and we pride ourselves on carrying all the tools you need in order to keep your property irrigated and green.

We carry an assortment of Orbit sprinkler heads, all of which are versatile and durable. Our sprinkler heads can not only meet your every need, they will last for years to come. Our pop-up Orbit sprinkler heads come in sizes that range from two inches to twelve inches and multiple different spray patterns, giving you the ability to cover lawns of all shapes and sizes. This allows you to not only select from multiple sprinkler heights, but to also choose from spray patterns such as full, half and quarter settings as well as side, end, and center strip patterns.  From plastic to brass, all of our pop-up sprinkler heads are of the highest quality and built to last.

Many of the pop-up sprinkler heads we offer feature gear-drive rotors. Gear-driven sprinkler heads ensure that your system is smooth and quiet during rotation. Pop-up gear-driven sprinkler heads provide you with full lawn watering coverage that won’t be an eye-sore when not in use. You can have country club-like irrigation at your residential property when you install one of our pop-up sprinkler head systems.

Every one of our impact sprinkler heads feature both anti-backsplash arms and deflectors. Anti-backsplash arms make sure that the sprinkler rotates smoothly, while the deflectors shield ensures the water is not sprayed in areas that you do not want getting wet. Impact sprinkler heads can be placed to water a single area, or added in addition to a current irrigation system.

We also carry shrub heads and bubblers that are low to the ground, making them perfect for keeping plants and shrubs properly watered. Most of our shrub head sprinklers feature adjustable water flow and spray distance patterns, giving you the versatility to cover any area. Bubblers are best for small areas that require delicate watering. Some plants can’t tolerate a direct spray and a bubbler will allow water to gently soak into the ground without damaging the plant or causing erosion.

In addition to all of these sprinkler heads, we also offer flush sprinklers. Flush sprinklers are excellent for use in high activity areas because they stay flush to the ground. The also offer full-circle coverage, making them ideal for gardening.

With a wide range of sprinkler head options, we can satisfy any need. Make your lawn or garden the envy of the neighborhood by installing one of our sprinkler heads in your yard today!


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