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Sprinkler Systems & Sprinkler System Parts

We carry a wide variety of parts for any of our sprinkler systems. Whether you need pipe, fittings, or even valves, we have it all. If you need parts for a new sprinkler system or are looking to maintain a current one, check out our selection of parts.

Sometimes you want to add a few extra accessories to your new sprinkler system. You might want to add a rain and freeze sensor to keep your sprinkler system running safely and conservatively. Or perhaps you’re looking to keep your system free of debris and corrosive elements, so you want to purchase an irrigation sediment filter. This will keep any dirty water from entering the main sprinkler line, so you don’t clog up the sprinkler heads or spread the contaminated water across your yard.

Often times you need to replace pipe and fittings. With our extensive selection of pipe, tubes, and fittings, you can get all the supplies you need in one place. Depending on your needs, we carry flex and funny pipe that range in a wide variety of sizes. We also have male- and female- threaded fittings and adapters, giving you the flexibility to install a new or make changes to an older system. Also search through our selection of elbow and swing-joint fittings, which allow you to tailor your system to fit any lawn!

We also carry sprinkler pumps and pump relays. Sometimes you do not have access to a pressurized water system, and this is when a sprinkler pump will come in handy. A pump will give you the ability to move water from wells, lakes, or other water sources into your sprinkler system. By using a pump start relay, you can add an irrigation system to more remote areas where the only source of water might be a well or lake. It works hand in hand with a sprinkler pump and automatic timer in order to send water into the irrigation pipes, giving you a smooth and water-efficient watering system.

Your sprinkler system is going to need electrical work to run properly. We have all the correct wiring, grease caps, and waterproof wire nuts you will need to install or replace existing electrical components.

So whether you need any of these sprinkler system parts or more, check out our entire selection. So whether you need new pipe and fitting or want a decorative valve cover, we have it all! Search through our collection of sprinkler system parts and get what you need today!


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