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Choose from our great selection of Gilmour Pruning Shears so that you can trim your plants with one of the best names in the industry. Gilmour makes reliable pruning shears that last and come as either handheld or lopper so you get exactly what you need!

Handheld Pruners are small pruning shears that can be used with only one hand. Loppers are the shears with two long handles and are normally operated with two hands. Handheld pruners are great for easy-to-reach pruning because their quick action cutting is so convenient. When pruning large trees or hard to reach branches, loppers are great because their handles can be as long as 38 inches and some even have extendable handles.

You will notice most pruning shears are either anvil or bypass shears. Anvil shears have only one blade that presses up against a flat, hard surface causing the branch to break under the blade. Anvil shears are popular among gardeners and can last for many, many years. Bypass shears, however, act more like scissors because they have two blades that pass each other making for a much cleaner cut.

With our selection of Gilmour pruning shears, you can get both handheld and lopper shears as either Anvil or Bypass shears, whichever you prefer!

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