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Lawn Sprinklers

From rotating heads to oscillating designs, we have a wide variety of above-ground garden Orbit lawn sprinklers that attach to a standard water hose. Whether you need an Orbit tripod, a traveling sprinkler, or an impact head, we've got it.

Our oscillating sprinkler heads spray in a rectangular pattern and are ideal for watering larger lawn areas. The oscillating feature allows for a complete and even spray for many years. Our water oscillators are durably constructed of many different materials. Whether you prefer durable plastic or heavy-duty metal, our oscillating lawn sprinklers deliver.

We have many different types of impact sprinkler heads, too. Whether you want one on a wheeled base for easy moving and placing or you want your impact sprinkler on a spike base that is easy to insert into and retract from the ground, we have the model of your choice. All of our impact sprinkler heads have anti-backsplash arms and deflectors to allow for smooth operation and excellent yard watering. Many of these products can connect to a series of multiple sprinklers to make an above-ground system that is easy to use and convenient.

Our spinning sprinklers and the Orbit Port-A-Rain watering sprinkler are excellent for full-circle watering coverage. These revolving water sprinklers are long-lasting and durably built for many years of dependable use. Whether you use one by itself or attach it to an automatic above-ground watering system, our rotating sprinklers are ideal for everyday garden watering.

We offer a selection of gear drive sprinklers on wheeled bases or step spikes. All of our above ground gear-driven water sprinklers easily attach to standard garden hose and can also be connected to an above-ground water sprinkler system. Gear drive rotors allow for quiet and smooth rotation that provides long-lasting performance.

Along with our rotating and oscillating heads, we have turret, cyclone, and even ornamental garden sprinklers. All of our lawn sprinkler heads are dependable and guarantee many years of dependable yard watering. Whether you want an expandable yard sprinkler, a circular spray, or to just purchase a sprinkler head base, we have exactly what you need.


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