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Drip Irrigation Systems & Drip System Parts

For all your watering needs, we have an amazing selection of Orbit drip irrigation products, which are ideal for areas with arid or desert-like climates. Drip irrigation may be required by law in some states rather than an actual water sprinkler system.

We offer a large variety of drip irrigation products from full kits to adapters to timers. With a full line of drip watering accessories, we have tools specific for use with such products, pressure regulators, drip watering stakes and lines and tubing.

We also have valves with single and dual ports as well as anti-siphon valves that protect from water back flow. Our wide selection features manifolds from 1 port all the way up to 8-port. With drip tubing adapters, you can easily add more valves to your drip manifold for more complete watering coverage.

Our drip sprinklers, sprayers, misters and bubblers are of the highest quality construction to ensure many years of dependable garden watering use. With different water flow patterns and spraying distances, our sprayers, drippers and water emitters are just what you need to start, add to or complete your watering system.

With many different kinds of tubing stakes and tube fittings, we have made it easy to place drip irrigation tubes exactly where you need them for optimal drip watering coverage. With stakes of different lengths and sizes and that come in packs of 5, 10, and 20, it is simple to customize your system to meet all your yard watering needs. With tube fittings, it is easy to maintain an efficient drip watering system that prevents leaks and keeps insects and other debris from hindering water flow. Our drip watering tube fittings come in different sizes and in packs of multiples for more affordable and effective use.

For those hard-to-reach garden areas and for making repairs to your drip irrigation systems, we have different sizes and lengths of distribution tubing. In different colors, you can customize your system with green, brown, or black irrigation tubing to meet your lawn and garden's aesthetic needs.

If your drip irrigation watering system is manual, you can easily convert to an automatic Orbit drip system with one of our efficient controllers or timers. We have several kinds of drip watering timers that are easy to use and effective in irrigating just when you need it. Many of our controllers have rain delay buttons to postpone water distribution when it rains. Our water timers are easy to set up and program for optimal drip system watering.

Our line of Orbit drip irrigation system products is extensive. We offer excellent prices and great customer service that is unmatched in quality. We do our best to keep you happy and supplied with all the drip irrigation and sprinkler system products you need for efficient and excellent lawn and garden watering.


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