8 Secrets to Growing a Green Lawn

There is nothing quite as satisfying as having a fresh green lawn, but it can take a lot of work to actually get it there. How can you take your lawn from dry and brown to lush and green year-round? 

Fortunately, we're here with the top 8 secrets to growing a green lawn so you can give your yard the boost it needs to be the envy of the block. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Check Your Soil 

Before you even think about your grass, you have to think about what it's growing in - the soil! Soil testing can help reveal its pH, which is crucial to growing healthy grass. Grasses tend to like a pH between 6 and 7.2.

2. Overseeding 

If you've already got a grassy lawn, it may not seem obvious, but overseeding is key to keeping your grass thick and lush. Overseeding involves sowing additional grass seed in existing grass, filling in the gaps in what is already there. 

3. Fertilizer 

Fertilizer is another crucial step to keeping your lawn looking healthy. Grass needs nutrients just like any other plant, but the nutrients in the soil are often leached away by rainfall. 

It's important to establish a regular fertilization routine, at least 4 times a year. And always make sure to follow the directions on your lawn treatment. 

4. Watering Practices 

A good-looking lawn needs a lot of water to stay fresh and green. However, good watering practices can help you keep your lawn looking good for longer. 

It's a better idea to water your grass deeply and less frequently so it is able to soak all the way through the soil. This will help your grass survive long dry seasons. 

5. Mowing 

It can be tempting to mow according to your weekly calendar, but if you want a truly great lawn, you have to mow according to your lawn's needs. You don't want to remove more than one-third of the height in a single mowing. 

Also, make sure you switch up your mowing pattern regularly to help the grass grow straight and thick. 

6. Weed Control 

One of the biggest culprits of a shabby lawn is weeds. Early fall is the best time to kill weeds, but you should try to keep up with the weeds regularly as you see them. This will save you more effort later. 

7. Catching Crabgrass 

Crabgrass is another major offender in a lackluster lawn. Unfortunately, once crabgrass sprouts, it's already too late so you actually have to prevent it before it even sprouts by using crabgrass preventers

8. Reseeding 

Sometimes if your grass is just a little too far past its prime, it's time to consider reseeding. Reseeding can be a lengthy process but sometimes it can be easier to start from scratch than trying to salvage what you already have. 

Getting the Green Lawn You Deserve 

We all have an image in our heads of the perfect, green lawn. Hopefully, now you see how you can turn that dream into a reality! 

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