7 Summer Lawn Watering Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that grass makes up 20% of the dry land on the Earth?

It's an important part of our planet, helping to create natural habitats for our wildlife. But, without proper care, grass can quickly wither and dry, turning from lush green to dark brown.

To make sure that doesn't happen to your lawn, you need to know how to properly look after it - and that starts with watering. 

Find out how to keep your grass in top condition with our lawn watering tips.

1. Sprinkling Systems

Installing a sprinkler helps even the worst waterers turn into pros. They automatically water your lawn at the flip of a switch and rotate to make sure your whole lawn is covered. Make sure you choose the right sprinkler for your yard that's built to last and suits your space. 

2. Get a Sprinkler Timer

Watering the grass in the summer has never been easier than with a sprinkler timer. Set it to go off on certain days and certain times, and you'll never have to worry about dry grass again! You won't even have to step outside, making this perfect for people who aren't avid gardeners. 

3. Drip Irrigation 

For eco-friendly lawn watering, try drip irrigation. This is as easy as sprinklers but less messy. You can even install the system beneath the soil, keeping your garden clear. Drip irrigation uses less water, slowly filtering it throughout your water without flooding it, and delivering directly to the roots to avoid loss of water from evaporation. 

4. Wait Until the Sun Goes Down

If you water when the sun's shining on your lawn, it's going to evaporate the water before it can properly soak into the soil. It can also burn your grass, leading to a brown, crispy lawn. Instead, wait until the sun moves and water in the shade. 

5. Water Every 1-2 Weeks

If you're wondering how often to water your grass in the Summer, aim for once every 1-2 weeks. Overwatering your soil could flood it, damaging the grass and leading to a very muddy lawn. It's also best to water at cooler times of the day to prevent evaporation, so wait until the evening when the sun starts going down.

6. Which Areas Need More Water

Not every area of your grass needs the same amount of water. Those that are in the shade will usually need less as the grass grows a lot slower here. However, if there's a nearby tree then watering normally is advised. 

7. Soak 6 Inches

No lawn watering guide is complete without advice on how much water you should put into your soil. A good idea is to make sure the water reaches 6 inches down in your soil. If you're worried about using so much water, check out these eco-friendly ways to water.

More Lawn Watering Tips

At Sprinkler System Store, we're experts at keeping gardens green and grass watered. If you have any questions about our guide, feel free to get in touch for more lawn watering tips! From how often to water a lawn in the summer to what to do if your grass is dying, we're always happy to help.