5 of the Best Garden Irrigation Systems to Check Out in 2021

According to a recent Axium survey, 86% of homeowners plan to garden this year. The same survey found that the motivation behind homeowners' gardening efforts, was to create beautiful outdoor space. 

Perhaps you're planning on starting a garden or lawn this year or even improving your current garden. 

Ensuring you have the best garden irrigation possible makes watering your garden or lawn more efficient while giving your plants what they need. Here are five of the best garden irrigation systems you'll want to consider for your watering needs. 

Drip Irrigation Systems

Garden drip irrigation uses a series of tubes and emitters to distribute water to plantings, lawns, and shrubs. This is also a great solution for raised garden bed irrigation.

Because drip hoses sit above ground, there is no digging necessary to bury pipes. 

Drip systems use low pressure, low water approaches, and can help save water as you can target the necessary areas. Drip systems are efficient in water usage, depositing water directly into the soil. 

Using drip systems do require manual work as you'll need to move hoses and tubes as needed and are not typically connected to a timer. 

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are a great solution for watering lawns and larger areas. They are often used with a timer so it does not require manual activation. 

Sprinkler systems can be either a spray or rotor system. Spray systems distribute water in a static pattern. They are great for watering large areas quickly. Rotor systems rotate allowing the water to not hit just one area. 

Sprinkler systems are a convenient way to automatically water your lawn or garden quickly. They do require installation which could involve digging and plumbing.

Hose Systems

Hose systems include the usage of soaker hoses or traditional garden hoses. Both allow for lots of flexibility in the garden as they can be moved around as needed. 

Soaker hoses contain tiny holes for water to seep out of and directly into the soil and roots. This conserves water as it emits from the hose at low pressure and does not spread water unnecessarily. 

Garden hoses are a tried and true method of watering that allows you to control the flow of water. Garden hose watering does require quite a bit of manual work and movement. 

Misting Systems

Misting systems are an ideal option for creating humidity for greenhouses or lightly watering patio plants and pots. A misting system contains a tube and nozzles that the mist emits out of to lightly water greenhouse plants or patio plants. 

Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation systems make use of a smart controller that can integrate with your irrigation system. These controllers take into account weather conditions and soil type to adjust automatic watering schedules. 

Some systems even have built-in reporting, so you can monitor your usage and trends. 

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