Watering Systems

Choosing the Right Watering System: Sprinklers vs Drip Irrigation

For supplying a lawn, garden, or yard with appropriate moisture and nourishment, watering systems range from standard sprinklers to drip irrigation. For the landscaper, contractor, or do-it-yourself homeowner, parts from Sprinkler System Store allow all watering systems to be constructed from the ground up, modified, or repaired. If you are considering either for your home, what are the characteristics of each watering system?

Sprinklers, no matter if a fixed, single jet, or an in-ground network is better, have one watering method. The system emits a spray, which then falls down onto your plants. Such a method is optimal for yards, but anyone deciding to set up this system needs to consider how large an area needs watering, how often should it occur, what is the climate like, and how often he or she plans to attend to it.

Sprinkler watering systems, as well, can be modified specifically to your needs. Automatic and flow timers allow watering to occur, in just the right amount even when you're not present, while automatic shut-off valves act as a guard against water-logging.

Drip Irrigation, because of its cost effectiveness and water conservation, is growing in popularity. An in-ground system, drip irrigation spreads water through a network of sprinklers with risers, which are connected to pipes cutting across the landscape. A drip system, in which water is dispersed through emitters to specifically target plants' roots, may additionally be attached.

More specifically, drip irrigation reduces water waste by 70 percent and further conserves against evaporation and wind. While less water and energy are used, the manager of this water system spends less time maintaining it as a result.

For the plants themselves, drip irrigation offers even more benefits. The slower but more precise flow of water penetrates deeper into the ground, resulting in deeper root growth, greater foliage, and a better balance of air and water in the area. As an additional asset, concentrated water flow reduces weed growth. Such watering systems, as well, benefit flower beds, plants, trees, and ornamentals.

Parts for both water systems are available through Sprinkler System Store. As you determine which is better for your lawn, garden, or yard, find valves, sprinkler heads, risers, tubing, timers, and other parts for additions and maintenance in our selection.