Using a Sprinkler Timer With a Large Yard

A big lawn means big responsibilities. There is more mowing, more fertilizing and more maintenance.

There is also more watering. Keeping a big lawn hydrated and healthy can seem like a big task, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. A good lawn sprinkler system can remove a lot of the guesswork out of knowing how and when to water your lawn. And make no mistake. Timing is key.

Watering a large lawn in the morning hours will allow the lawn to have all day to absorb the water. It also helps in the drying process, cutting down on the chances that moisture-based fungal diseases will develop.

This is why the proper timer is so crucial to your lawn irrigation system. The timers make it possible for your big lawn and garden to be watered on a regular and recurring basis. Timers connected to the water irrigation systems also make the systems more effective, in terms of getting water to the lawn and garden, and by reducing water overuse. Wasted water means wasted money on your watering bill.

Most lawn sprinkler systems are divided into zones, with each zone responsible for a specific year of the yard. The timers and the controllers connected to the sprinkler systems tell the zones when it's time to release water.

Many timers are digital and fairly simple to program. Sometimes watering schedules need to be changed due to seasonal changes. This can be especially true for a big yard, as some areas may get less sun during certain times of the year.