Timers & Drip Irrigation Sytems

A drip irrigation system can be the perfect watering system for a garden or flower bed. Drip irrigation systems are designed to deliver water slowly, often at one drop a time. This drip process greatly reduces the risk of water runoff and waste.

The system also allows you to directly apply water to a specific area. The water is often delivered directly to the roots. This conservative and judicious use of the water also reduces the risk of fungal diseases developing due to an overly moist environment.

These drip irrigation systems can become even more efficient with the addition of a drip irrigation timer. Sprinkler System Store delivers timers and controllers that can make your drip irrigation system complete. Sprinkler System Store offers a complete line of Orbit sprinkler timers. These timers spare you the problem of trying to remember if you turned on your drip irrigation system. The timers automatically turn the water supply on and off, allowing for total hands-free watering. Timers also prevent excess water waste, which saves you money.

There several different types of water irrigation timers. There are timers and controllers that can be set and operated from indoors. The Orbit 57932 12-station sprinkler timer can be dual programmed. It also has a touch screen and large display to make it easy to navigate and use. Many of the controllers offered by Sprinkler System Store also have rain delay sensors to stop watering when it rains.

These timers allow you to get the most out of your drip irrigation system.