Sprinkler Systems

How Lawn Sprinkler Systems Work | DIY Watering Guide

Out of all possible irrigation options, sprinkler systems have a specific mode of operation. Water is sprayed into the air and then essentially rains down on all vegetation. Nevertheless, sprinkler systems for lawns, gardens, and yards have been designed with specific needs and spaces in mind, and it's up to you, as a landscaper or homeowner, to determine which is better for your grounds.

Sprinkler systems fall into the following types:

Within these sprinkler systems are multiple factors to consider before buying. Determine, first, how large of an area requires water. Also, consider how often the lawn needs to be watered; this amount, however, can vary throughout the year. Take into account, additionally, climate, hard to reach spots, and how much time you have to tend to the lawn. If you have less time, an automatic sprinkler system can be programmed to water the lawn – or even certain parts of it – at various points throughout the day. You don't need to be home for your grass to be properly nourished.

In addition to an automatic timer, consider adding a flow timer or control feature. In some cases, parts of yards may require more water than others, and this feature distributes the spray according to your specifications. An automatic shut-off valve additionally guards against water-logging – a potential cause if a hose sprinkler is not turned off.