Orbit 5/8 Inch Brass Hose Repair bundle with Male and Female Menders

SKU: B10012

MPN: 58550N=1, 58136N=1, 58135N=1

Brand: Orbit

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This bundle is perfect to repair leaky hose end connectors on 5/8 inch garden hoses. This hose repair bundle comes with; 1- 5/8 in. brass female hose mender (Orbit part # 58136N), 1- 5/8 in. brass male hose mender (Orbit part # 58136N) and 1-sheet of 12 hose washers (Orbit part # 58550N). Both hose menders that are included in this bundle are made from heavy duty brass and include stainless steel hose clamps. The female mender is used to replace the female end of a hose that connects to a fau...