Orbit Ultimate 5/8 Inch Brass Hose Mender Bundle for 5/8 in garden hoses

SKU: B10020

MPN: 56801N=1, 56802N=1, 56803N=1

Brand: Orbit

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This bundle is made up of the Orbit Ultimate 5/8 inch brass hose menders This bundle includes a 5/8 in. brass female hose mender (Orbit part # 56802N), a 5/8 in. brass male hose mender (Orbit part # 56801N) and a 5/8 in. brass repair mender (Orbit part # 56803N). These heavy-duty brass hose menders are made from rust proof brass, and each mender will withstand all the bumps and bruises of any garden activity. They are great for areas where hose is moved along rough surfaces or exposed to foo...