Irrigation Systems

The Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation Instead of Sprinklers

If you manage a landscape, from a small garden bed to a large crop field, having an irrigation system in place is a must. The regular supply of water, in the right amounts, serves as a source of nourishment, one resulting in healthy plants and crops, colorful flowers, or lush green grass.

Although multiple irrigation systems are used across the spectrum of such options, two of the most common are drip irrigation and sprinkler systems. The former is ideal for plants, flower beds, vegetable gardens, or ornamentals; a small amount of water is emitted at a slow and steady rate toward plants' roots. The water, as a result, goes deeper into the soil. Water from sprinklers falls in the opposite direction. Sprayed into the air, water from a sprinkler showers down on plants.

Out of these two options, drip irrigation systems offer a controlled system of watering to plants. This in-ground system disperses water through a network of sprinklers attached to risers, which are connected to a series of pipes passing through the lawn. Over ordinary sprinklers, drip irrigation has two distinct advantages: cost-effectiveness and conservation. For your garden or yard, what can drip irrigation offer?

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