Garden Sprinkler System

Why Watering Your Lawn Could Help Prevent Forest Fires

Irrigation systems that can be activated via a wireless remote or by a timer device are eco-friendly money savers, and they will be helpful to the longevity of plants, vegetation and crops. The idea that watering plants and crops while there is a strong sunlight has recently been proven to be a valid concern. Modern irrigation systems can be set to water plants at any time of day or night and they be activated remotely.

"The problem of light focusing by water droplets adhered to plants has never been thoroughly investigated, neither theoretically, nor experimentally," said lead researcher Dr Gabor Horvath, from Hungary's Eotvos University. "However, this is far from a trifling concern. The prevailing opinion is that forest fires can be sparked by intense sunlight focused by water drops on dried-out vegetation." The team conducted both computational and experimental studies to determine how the contact angle between the water droplet and a leaf affects the light environment on a leaf blade. The aim was to clarify the environmental conditions under which sunlit water drops can cause leaf burn.

Depending on the locale and the climate, gardens should be watered and replenished with fresh nutrients on a fairly regular basis. The best time to water a garden is in the early morning, before the sun reaches its apex and the plants are hungry for some nutrients. Plants and vegetation should be sprayed with water directly on their roots. If you cannot water the your garden in the morning, then the second best time is in the early evening; both of these times are ideal as they will allow the water to sink into the soil and for the plant life to blossom. An investment in a reliable, durable and efficient garden sprinkler system will enhance any garden, lawn or shrubbery.