Common Sprinkler Issues

Installing a top-notch sprinkler system for your yard means you've chosen an efficient and convenient way to keep your lawn and yard hydrated.

Of course, you may make a common mistake or two at first. There are also possible problems that could crop up from time to time. Many of these issues have simple solutions.

Let's take a look:

The Malfunctioning Timing System

A timing system is a great way to set up a watering schedule for your lawn. It eliminates the chance you'll forget to water your lawn at a certain time of day. You'll want to make sure the timer is working properly. The timer regulates when the sprinkler system turns on and off. If the timer is not working properly, the system may fail to turn on, and your grass could miss out on some much-needed water. Check the time and the rain sensor. A broken sensor will prevent the automatic opening of the remote valves. Make sure that the timer has a power source. If your system uses batteries as a backup power source, replace the batteries. You can also reset and reprogram the timer.

A Little Leakage

Leakage with a water sprinkler system is a common problem. The most common cause of a leak is loose equipment, usually a sprinkler head. It should be secure, but if it's not, you should be able to tighten it by hand. Also make sure to check your pipes and fittings for any cracks. Don't ignore a leak. It will drive up your utility bill and can also be harmful to your plants and flowers.

Low Pressure

Low pressure can be a big problem for a sprinkler system. It's often caused by a cut in one of the lines. A sprinkler system is made up of zones. Check each zone to see if the problem is with a single zone or multiple zones. If all zones are affected, there may be a break in the water supply. Look for pooling water in the yard to find the problem area.