Your Ultimate Sprinkler Maintenance Guide

You've installed a fantastic sprinkler system, and you're thrilled at the idea of having a beautiful, green garden with half the effort and twice the efficiency. 

And while all of this is true, it is important to recognize the importance of sprinkler maintenance throughout the year. Not only does this maximize functionality throughout the year, but it also ensures longevity.

Here's exactly what you need to do to get started! 

Conduct a Monthly Inspection

A monthly inspection is a great way of staying on top of any potential problems that may arise. This would include examining your system for faulty pipes, adjusting your sprinkler heads, checking the pressure, examining the system for leaks, and more. 

In addition to the system itself, also pay attention to how the system performs. If you notice puddles along one side of your lawn, and dry patches along the other, this could indicate a problem.

If you are unsure of what to look for, consider talking to an expert and getting their assistance during the inspection.

Clean Your Sprinkler Heads Thoroughly

Sprinkler heads can directly impact the flow and spread of the water across your lawn. However, these heads are also susceptible to clogging. 

That's why it is important to schedule regular cleanings every single year. To do this you would have to ensure that the system is turned off, and then proceed by separating the nozzle from the rest of the system. You can soak the nozzle, or consult a specialist on the best way to clean the type of sprinkler heads you have.

After cleaning, you'll also need to readjust your sprinkler heads to make sure they're at the right angles for your needs. 

Regular Repairs

Your sprinkler system is subject to everyday wear and tear that can compromise efficiency. Make sure you address these issues as they come, by conducting regular repairs as and when needed. 

Paying attention to the inconsistencies that arise while you are watering your garden is a good way of zeroing down on the problem areas. In case of severe damage, make sure you get your parts replaced immediately. 

Pay Attention to the Electrical Parts

Every sprinkler system needs a working transformer to operate it. Keep an eye out for any signs of dysfunction, fraying, or more within the transformer. 

Additionally, you can also hire an electrician to look into the overall functioning of the electrical system within your sprinklers. 


Sprinkler Maintenance Done Right

If you want longevity and functionality from your sprinklers, it's time to put sprinkler maintenance first. This includes conducting regular inspections, cleaning out your sprinkler heads from time to time, conducting regular repairs and paying special attention to the electrical components within your system.

At Sprinkler System Store, we offer a wide variety of sprinkler system parts that are both, high quality as well as affordable. Get in touch with us for all your sprinkler system needs and we'll be happy to help!