Your Essential Guide to Watering Grass the Right Way (Yes, There is a Right Way to Water Your Grass!)

Want a green lawn that all your neighbors envy? If so, you can do it with the proper watering techniques. Grass needs proper water because 90 percent of its weight is in its roots.

Believe it or not, there are right ways and wrong ways to water a lawn. Keep reading to make sure you know all the best tips for watering grass.

Don't Water in the Hot Sun

You should never water in the hottest part of the day. Most of your water will evaporate in the hot air and not reach the roots. You are wasting water!

Instead of watering your lawn in the blazing sun, water your grass in the early morning when the air is cool and the winds are usually calm. The water won't evaporate as much.

The grass will also have a chance to dry out before the sun beats on it. Giving the grass a chance to dry will lessen its risk of disease with wet roots and leaves.

Water Every 3 Days

You should soak your lawn about every three days. When you water infrequently, it encourages the roots to grow downward to find water. This makes your lawn more stable.

You will know if you need to water your lawn before the third day. If you walk across your lawn and your footprints do not disappear, your yard is thirsty. Curling blades are another sign it is parched.

Using the Right Amount of Water

If your lawn is established, you want to water until the top 6-8 inches of soil are wet. This is where most of the roots grow. Lawns need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week. 

You can divide this into multiple waterings or just one. You won't want to overwater your lawn by giving it much more water than this recommendation.

Water at a Slow, Steady Pace

You want to give your grass only as much water as it can absorb. If you give it too much water quickly, it will run off and waste the water.

If you have an irrigation system, cut the amount of time you water in each zone in half. This means if you typically water for 30 minutes, try watering for 15 minutes. Go through all the zones and then come back and do another 15 minutes.

Slowing down the amount of water your grass gets at a time, gives it ample time to have a good drink and absorb that water.

Getting the Right System

You do have various options for watering systems. You can choose between rotor systems, soaker hoses, and spray systems.

Not sure what system to get?  Contact a professional. You need to consider weather conditions in your region and your soil type for the best system.

Need Sprinkler Parts for Watering Grass?

Ready for your dream lawn?  Follow these tips on watering grass and you can keep your lawn thriving. 

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