What Causes a Lawn to Have Dead Grass Patches?

Your lawn is the pride and joy of your home, enjoyed during barbeques, touch football games, and playing with the kids.

But what happens when dead grass patches start to appear? Unfortunately, brown or dead grass is one of the most common lawn problems, and it can be frustrating when it starts to affect the look of your property.

Read on to learn more about what causes brown spots on your lawn, plus what you can do to stop it.

Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are unfortunately a common cause of brown spots in a lawn. Fungal diseases often occur in summer, when humidity is high.

They appear as irregular or circular brown spots, but can be cured by aerating the grass or applying a fungicide. There are many types of lawn fungus, so always ask for a professional opinion if you’re unsure how to best treat the problem.

You may often confuse thatch with a lawn disease, as they can look similar. Thatch is a buildup of dead, decaying grass that can strangle out the healthy grass underneath—always remove grass buildup to prevent thatch.


Insects and pests, such as moles, Japanese beetles, and chinch bugs can do serious damage to your yard.

Chinch bugs are common in the summer heat. Although small, you can often spot their white wings in the grass. They like to hide in thatch, another good reason to remove it, or treat the outbreak with insecticides.

Pet Urine

Do you have a dog or outdoor cat? Or, do your neighbors? Pet urine is a common cause of brown grass.

As dogs tend to go to the same spot over and over, the acidity of the urine can cause yellow or brown patches to develop. This can often be treated with lime, which acts as a neutralizer. Or, encourage your pet to use other areas of the yard.

Tree Roots

Are you noticing dead spots in the grass near the roots of large trees, shrubs, or plants? If so, larger plants are often competing with the nutrients in the grass, causing the grass to die.

An alternative to grass is to plant mulch around tree beds or shrubs, which will hide the look of the dead grass.

Too Little Water Can Cause Dead Grass Patches

Are you properly watering your lawn? For healthy, lush green grass, you need to water your lawn, ideally with a sprinkler system. Set one up to ensure your lawn looks great, even in periods of low rainfall.

However, too much water can harm lawns too, so adjust your sprinkler system accordingly if you’re receiving a lot of rain.

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